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Company Profile

JC Universal supplies a comprehensive range of products for the watch and jewelry industries. The best quality tools and equipment from Switzerland and Europe fulfill the top standard requirements in the markets.
Our product list includes time systems, watch and jewelry making tools, ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning solutions, watch testing equipment, dust blowing and vacuum systems, bench lamps, lathes, printing inks, phosphorescent pigments, polishing machines, engraving machines and a lot more.
We always keep in pace with the changes in the markets. With our experience on presales and aftersales services, our professionalism definitely enhanced the core competency of our business partners.


JC Universalは腕時計や宝飾品産業に総合的な製品を供給しています。スイスとヨーロッパの最高品質の工具と機器は市場における最高の標準要件を満たしています。

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